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PMR Microcirculation Repair System

System applies the theory of bionics pulsed magnetic resonance and combines extremely low frequency magnetophoresis technology with space magnetic field control technology to emit extremely low frequency PEMF through rearrangement of multiple sets of pulse transmission source array to change nuclear spin such that cytomembrane generates new transmembrane potential on original potential, therefore charge distribution on membrane surface is changed to correct blood rheology indexes, improve vasodilation function and promote blood circulation so as to improve bones, muscle, blood and other pathological states, thus the microcirculation of pathological tissues is appropriately repaired.

It has been proved by the modern medicine that many diseases are related to the microcirculation disturbance, for example, human aging, tumor formation, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, rheumatism and other diseases show microcirculation disturbance in different extents. Therefore microcirculation disturbance is deemed as the source of all diseases in the medicine.

PMR microcirculation repair system system with magnetic field frequency of 0.1-30 Hz and intensity less than 40uT adopts modular design and physical expression for the operating interface, which is simple, convenient, fast and safe. The treatment process has significant therapeutic efficacy without trauma or damage to normal cells.