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HRA-II Health Risk Appraisal System


HRA System utilizes the Bioelectrical induction technology, Bioelectrical impedance measuring technology and Chronoamperometry analysis technology, to reconstruct human organs’ 3D images, and to directly show the status trend of human organs, so as to diagnose early-stage diseases and therefore make an assessment about the human body. With perfect built-in health guidance system and precise measuring of electrophysiological activity, HRA could provide an expert level healthguidance.

HRA health risk appraisal system can provide the following information: earth stage information of tumor, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, renal fibrosis, liver fibrosis, lung fibrosis; autonomic nervous activity; hormone level; lymph node status; gastrointestinal function; Ph of body fluid; thyroid status; immune system, and more than 40 other biochemical parameters.

The whole physical examination process by HRA system has the characteristics of non-invasion, no radiation, promptness and accuracy. It is the first time in the biomedical field that the bioelectrical induction technology was applied to the entire body, for disease screening and early detection and generating expert level functional diagnosis. Up to now, HRA system is the world-top health risk appraisal medical device.

Advantages of HRA System
  • Non-Invasive and Radiationless
  • Fast and Accurate (reports available in 5 minutes)
  • Do Not Need Empty Stomach
  • Do Not Need Drawing Blood
  • Low Cost and Low Carbon
  • Assessment over All Systems and Organs
  • Early stage Disease Screening and Health Solution
  • Harmless and Repeatable
Available HRA Systems Reports
  • HRA Report
  • Human Bioelectrical Index
  • Health Risk Indication
  • Treatment Guidelines
  • Dietary Guidelines
Applicable Institution
  • Medical Rehabilitation Center
  • Professional Medical Center
  • Large-scale Enterprises
  • Special Medical Institution
  • Health Assessment Institution
  • Athlete Training Center
  • Disease Control and Prevention Center
  • Community Medical Center
Body parameters recorded by HRA
  • Early-stage Respiratory System Parameter
  • Early-stage Diabetes Parameter
  • Early-stage Kidney Parameter
  • Liver Status
  • Gastrointestinal Information
  • Cell Variant Status
  • Thyroid Paramete
  • Autonomic nervous system activity
  • Arteries Information
  • Hormone Level Status
  • Immune System Status
  • Early-stage Hypertension Parameter
  • Lymph Nodes Status
  • Body fluid pH properties
  • Spine Information
  • Neurotransmitters Information
  • Early-stage Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease Parameter